Top 10 Best Dove Hunting Mojo In [2022]

1Mojo Outdoors MOJO Voodoo Dove9.8Buy Now
2MOJO Outdoors HW2423 Magnetic Wing Set9.6Buy Now
3Avery Mourning Doves (1/2 Dozen)9.6Buy Now
4MOJO Elite Series Dove Spinning Wing Decoy9.4Buy Now
5MOJO Outdoors Clip on Dove Decoys (Set of 4)9.4Buy Now
6XDP 4X RF Remote Controlled Programmable Decoy Timers for Duck9Buy Now
7MOJO Outdoors Dove Live Action Kit8.8Buy Now
8Mojo Outdoors Voodoo Dove Decoy - Motion Dove Decoy for Hunting8.6Buy Now
9MOJO Outdoors Dove Tree Mounting Pole with Carrying Bag8.4Buy Now
10Mojo Dove-A-Flicker Spinning Wing Dove Decoys for Dove Hunting8.2Buy Now
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1. Mojo Outdoors MOJO Voodoo Dove

  • MOJO Outdoors

2. MOJO Outdoors HW2423 Magnetic Wing Set

  • Magnetic mounting points provide quicker setup no more thumbscrews
  • Extremely lightweight PVC Wings turn faster, are quieter, and give longer Battery life to your mojo decoy.
  • Works well even in extremely cold temperatures
  • Magnetic Wings Connect Instantly for quick and easy setup
  • Fits mojo dove and mojo pigeon decoys
  • Sport type: hunting

3. Avery Mourning Doves (1/2 Dozen)

  • Pinch-clip attachment System
  • Allows you to place decoys on fence lines, tree limbs, wires or Dove stands
  • Ultra-realistic carvings and paint schemes 
  • Incredible durability and lightweight
  • Strong and long lasting

4. MOJO Elite Series Dove Spinning Wing Decoy

  • Innovative design for less Wobble: motor, transmission, power Supply System and body are all attached to an easily accessible structural support frame, meaning smoother, quieter and faster Operation.
  • Special removable housing Comes enclosed in a precise-fitting decoy skin with true-to-life feather detail and color for an ultra-realistic look.
  • Easy to set up with Cam lock support pole, drop-in Battery holder, and easy on/off magnetic-attached Wings.
  • Solid component housing connects motor and Wings directly to the support pole and is durable, quiet, and minimizes rattle.
  • Entire housing can be easily removed from body for simple Cleaning and maintenance; runs on 4 AA batteries (not included).

5. MOJO Outdoors Clip on Dove Decoys (Set of 4)

  • Most realistic dove decoys on the market: Super-realistic hard-body decoys with true-to-life paint schemes.
  • Cutting edge decoy technology: Patented breast peg mounting system allows for mounting decoys on almost any support.
  • Will attach to just about anything: Mounts to limbs, branches, poles, posts, wires, or MOJO’s Dove Tree.
  • Build your dove spread: Often used along with the popular MOJO motorized Voodoo Dove decoy
  • Large pack: Includes 4 per package

6. XDP 4X RF Remote Controlled Programmable Decoy Timers for Duck

  • CYCLING DECOY TIMER – 100 programable On and Off points, works with 12V decoys.
  • REMOTE CONTROL – Control four decoys with one remote control or connect up to five remotes to one decoy.
  • REPROGRAM IN SECONDS – Only three wires to connect (Power in, ground, power out).
  • LONG DISTANCE – 300 to 1000 feet in open areas.
  • MADE IN AMERICA – Waterproof, designed for outdoors.

7. MOJO Outdoors Dove Live Action Kit

  • BRING INCREDIBLE REALITY TO YOUR SPREAD: Make your MOJO dove decoy come alive; simulates a real life dove attempting to land.
  • SIMULATES THE MOTION OF REAL DOVES: Dual pivoting action allows for 360 degree rotation
  • EASY USE AND SET-UP: Extremely easy to use four piece kit
  • VERSATILE: Works with most MOJO products that feature MOJO’s patented built in peg
  • THE FINAL KEY TO LURE IN THOSE CAGEY DOVES: Proven to increase success of your hunt; decoy not included.

8. Mojo Outdoors Voodoo Dove Decoy – Motion Dove Decoy for Hunting

  • Bring in the doves: Realistic and very effective motorized dove decoy that doves cannot resist
  • Easy for doves to see: Redesigned with a larger, more realistic body in a natural landing position, the VooDoo Dove spins its lightweight, corrugated wings to display the alternating dark/white flashes of landing or lofting birds.
  • Built tough: Includes breast peg and steel support pole; 3 section pole combine for 36” total length.
  • Stay in the field all day long: The direct-drive dual shaft motor runs up to 16 hours on 4 AA batteries (not included).
  • Easy to operate: The decoy’s quiet wings attach to the shafts magnetically, making attachment/detachment easier and faster and eliminating any worry about them screws or turnkeys, also there is a convenient on/off switch on underside.

9. MOJO Outdoors Dove Tree Mounting Pole with Carrying Bag

  • Flawless design: The quick set dove tree is lightweight, portable, and accommodates all current decoys.
  • Mimic an entire flock of doves: Foldable cross arms that hold up to 6 static decoys.
  • Tough enough for all-season use: Utilizes MOJO’s new “Hard Ground Stirrup” with steel spike for easy insertion, even in hard ground.
  • Easy to transport: Comes with a carrying bag that easily fits the MOJO Dove Tree once it is folded up.
  • Bring in more doves, end of story: The easiest way to create a dove magnet in the field!

10. Mojo Dove-A-Flicker Spinning Wing Dove Decoys for Dove Hunting

  • Spinning wing concept in an all new look
  • Mimics the flash given off by a flock of real doves
  • Designed for dry fields
  • Includes 4 units pre-programmed with random on/off timers
  • Operates up to 20+ hours on 3AA batteries (not included)

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