Top 10 Best Code Blue Deer Hunting In [2022]

1Code Blue Code Red Whitetail Doe Estrous Triple Pack9.6Buy Now
2Code Blue Whitetail Doe Estrous OA10019.4Buy Now
3Code Blue Whitetail Doe Urine9.4Buy Now
4D/CODE by Code Blue Scent Elimination Body Wash & Shampoo9.4Buy Now
5Code Blue Actual Tarsal Gland (2-Ounce)9.4Buy Now
6Code Blue OA1340 Expandable Scent9Buy Now
7Code Blue Whitetail Scrape Mate8.8Buy Now
8Code Blue Scent Drag with Doe Estrous (1-Ounce)8.6Buy Now
9Code Blue Whitetail Doe Estrous Gel8.4Buy Now
10D/CODE by Code Blue Scent Elimination Antiperspirant8.4Buy Now
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1. Code Blue Code Red Whitetail Doe Estrous Triple Pack

  • Pure, premium doe urine collected during the estrous cycle
  • Use in scrapes to lure in rutting bucks
  • Use it on Code Blue Scent Drags while approaching your stand site
  • Great at drawing trophy bucks in during daylight hours
  • 3 – 2 fl. oz. bottles Doe Estrous

2. Code Blue Whitetail Doe Estrous OA1001

  • Doe Estrous is urine taken from a single doe in heat for “true to life” effectiveness.
  • Certified by an independent organization
  • Marked with deer’s registration number
  • Ideal usage during whitetail rut
  • 1 oz. bottle
  • Sport type: Hunting

3. Code Blue Whitetail Doe Urine

  • 100% pure doe urine collected from a single whitetail doe
  • The perfect all-season doe attractant and cover scent
  • Calms bucks as they approach your stand
  • Amber glass bottle locks in freshness and potency and is labeled with the deer’s unique registration number.

4. D/CODE by Code Blue Scent Elimination Body Wash & Shampoo

  • The patented formula eliminates human scent to hide your presence in the field
  • D/CODE found to be effective in eliminating existing human scent and stops human scent from growing, so your scent will remain camouflaged.
  • The body wash and shampoo has been carefully crafted to deliver a thorough cleansing for head-to-toe scent suppression, while staying gentle for everyday use.
  • With the addition of aloe, your skin will feel soft and moisturized long after the sun rises on your hunting excursion.
  • D/CODE unscented body wash and shampoo is produced without harsh chemicals, for a natural fit out in the Woods.

5. Code Blue Actual Tarsal Gland (2-Ounce)

  • A musky “intruder” scent deer use to identify dominance
  • Intense odor arouses territorial curiosity in rutting bucks
  • Use to disperse or create mock scrapes throughout hunting season
  • Made using a real tarsal gland submerged in pure buck urine
  • From One Deer to One Bottle collection guarantees every bottle contains urine from one deer

6. Code Blue OA1340 Expandable Scent

  • Long Lasting Scent; Not only holds more scent, but they help the scent last longer to attract more deer.
  • Scents hunting
  • Manufactured in United States
  • Included components: hunting-scent-accessories

7. Code Blue Whitetail Scrape Mate

  • Pure buck urine intensified with natural gland secretions
  • Delivers a strong, musky smell that drives bucks wild
  • Promotes activity at primary and mock scrapes and helps pattern monster bucks
  • Use early season as a curiosity scent and late season as a territorial-infringement scent

8. Code Blue Scent Drag with Doe Estrous (1-Ounce)

  • Rugged well-designed scent dispenser used with the most effective deer scent on the market
  • Perfect for use during the rut
  • 1 fl. oz.

9. Code Blue Whitetail Doe Estrous Gel

  • Gel form is the best all-weather scent because gel won’t readily evaporate, freeze or wash away as quickly as liquid.
  • Product is long lasting and powerful
  • Collected from a single doe in heat
  • Urine won’t wash away, freeze or evaporate
  • Can be easily applied

10. D/CODE by Code Blue Scent Elimination Antiperspirant

  • The stick glides on smoothly to start masking your natural scent right away without additional fragrances that could spook game and wildlife.
  • The patented formula utilizes patented Silver Scent Technology that seek and eliminates human scent, so deer, raccoons, coyotes, fox and wild hogs won’t smell your presence.
  • Concentrate on sealing the deal, as the Antiperspirant fights sweat to Stop it from forming under your arms.
  • Stay dry and comfortable with protection that lasts throughout the entire Day – from preparing for your trek into the Woods to tagging a 12-point Buck.
  • The formula won’t stain or leave residues on base layers, shirts or coveralls to keep your hunting Apparel looking fresh and ready for the hunt.

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